Certified security company “QUANTRUM”

Physical and technical security


The port area and plant security.


Transport escort


Detectives and bodyguard services


Contact Information

 Tallinas 95 – 206, Riga, LV-1009

  Tel. / Fax:+371 67285105
Mob. phone.: +371 26582076

  E-mail: info@quant.lv

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    On 30.01.2024. Quantrum LTD has signed an agreement with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (No 17.2-5-L-2024/92) for support from the Latvian Recovery and Resilience Mechanism 2.2.1.r. “Establishment of full cycle support for digital transformation of business with regional scope”, investment “Support for digitisation of processes in business“, co-financed by the Recovery Fund. The project provides a grant for the improvement of enterprise resource management processes/administrative processes – purchase and implementation of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

    Ltd. “QUANTRUM” is a young company founded in 2011 and it is professionally involved with the security activities the security field. In this short period of existence and despite the fact, that business development in this economically difficult period was significantly impeded, we have been able to assert ourselves as a competitive, advanced, highly qualified and loyal company.

    • Emergency Assistance
    • The physical protection
    • Bodyguard services
    • The vehicle escorting
    • Detective services
    • Major special events security
    • Port and port facility security
    • Technical security