Ltd. “QUANTRUM” is a young company founded in 2011 and it is professionally involved with the security activities the security field. In this short period of existence and despite the fact, that business development in this economically difficult period was significantly impeded, we have been able to assert ourselves as a competitive, advanced, highly qualified and loyal company.

In the inception Ltd. “QUANTRUM” also became a member of Latvian Security Business Association.

In order to ensure the future growth of the Company, keep up the pace, we have set specific objectives and targets:

  • Shape a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.
  • Develop fair, sincere and long-term business relationships.
  • Provide quality services at a fair price.
  • Build a professional team of certified employees.
  • Complement the training centers and training programs
  • Create new jobs.
  • Provide existing and potential specialists with the necessary qualification.
  • Ensure the company’s financial stability.