Detective services

Detective activity – a Contract-based services provided to a natural or legal person in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests.

The company “Quantrum” provide a licensed, professional detective services. Our customers are offered the following services:

  • congregateinformationin civil andcriminal matters;
  • clarify the facts, related to criminal activities, information or individuals;
  • gatherinformation characterizing a personpriorthe contract of employment,or othercivilagreements, or theperson’sfinancial solvency;
  • search for individuals and legal entities lost or unlawfully expropriated property;
  • inquire the facts of an unfair competitive, illegalcommercial activityor other illegaleconomic activity;
  • search forcommitted a criminal offenseormissing persons;
  • provide advice on security matters;
  • other services

Your problems will find the solutions with professional help of our experienced lawyers and certified detectives consultants.

Your safety is important to us.