International Emergency Assistance program

This program is a complex of services, focused on practical assistance at any time of the day. We offer a wide range of assistance To our customers, from the preparation of various statements to the physical assistance of non-standard situations. To your attention – a non-standard situations can not have only a criminal nature, they can be quite common in daily life. For instance – locked apartment door (Our specialists will quickly arrive to you, open the door, install a new key system); a broken car on the way to the airport (Our crew will arrive, take you to the airport and will park your car). Also, this service will cover the situations, when the client’s health and life is a subject to protection.

Emergency programs advantage is the international scale – the customer can get a full complex of services in Latvia, Russia, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania and other states.

Also, should be noted the fact, that the development of this program include more and more countries and cities, without any change in costs of the service, while significantly expanding the geographical potential.

We care about your security.