Port and port facility security

According to the Cabinet of Ministers, all of the Republic of Latvia ports are subject to the requirements of the ISPS Code, which revise the stricter security controls and multiple procedures by organizing cooperation between the port services, ships, personnel and the port authorities. Company SIA “Quantrum” for several years carry out the object security in the Freeport of Riga and Freeport of Ventspils territories.

Company SIA “Quantrum” organize and conduct the cooperation with the state institutions.

Execute trainings and security drills.


  • port facility security plans
  • the Port and port facility territory located companies and cooperation partner’s security plans, in conjuction to port and port facilities.
  • Emergency situation plans for enterprises and businesses in the port area.
  • the preparation of amendments for the existing port, port facility and company protection plans and action changes.

Your security is our concern.