The physical protection

Nowadays, the physical protection is no longer considered to be an exclusive service,
It has become a necessity, an integral part of life.

Physical protection services are offered to the customer in various objects:

  • production premises and companies
  • trade premises, shops
  • construction sites
  • warehouses
  • offices
  • hotels
  • residential buildings
  • banks
  • night clubs
  • casino
  • public event security

All object security of the listed above is being organized with the involvement of fully trained, uniformed and equipped staff, provided with the radio communication, special devices and the firearms, if necessary. Also, there is the possibility to effectively attract additional forces and resources.

Before initiation of the object security, is conducted the object inspection, being developed the security measures conception and instructions, governing the security staff actions. All of them are coordinated with the Customer and become an integral part in the Contract. Our Company regularly perform a staff monitoring, that allows to guarantee the top quality of our services.

>Your safety is important to us.