The vehicle escorting

Cargo escorting, armed cargo escorting.

Cargo security is a complex event that requires specific knowledge. Its development and realization should be entrusted to the security industry professionals. Many companies, regardless of the kind of business, have to send cargos to business partners and it is important to find a fair contractors, in order to minimize the risks and ensure cargo/property safety while on the road.

The professional experience of our staff allows to take care of cargo on the way. Staff is assembled solely from long-term training undergone professionals, who are able to make appropriate decisions in emergency situations, excellently familiar with the firearms. The escort unit equipment contains all required technical resources, the firearms and special means.

“Quantrum” will provide high-quality armed escort to your cargo, from point A to point B, will take care of your property and will guarantee flawless fulfillment of your obligations to third parties. A long-term we successfully cooperate with the individuals, as well as with small and large enterprises, with a good knowledge of various types of cargo transportation related specifics.

Let your cargo security to be our concern.